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X. Adding People Data to a Private Gallery

Adding photos to a private gallery is a two-step process. Since private galleries give each person their own private sub-gallery, your job needs to keep track of information of each person within it. PhotoDay calls this information “people data”, and it can be batch uploaded via a CSV file right into your job.

This CSV file must contain at least the person’s first and last name, but will also ideally include additional information ranging from email address to student ID, if they are students. This information is typically received from the organization with which the job is associated.

To add people data, select the Add button under "Add people and photos".

Job Dashboard - Add people

Here, you will see your currently blank gallery.

Job - empty

To add people data, click on the circular plus sign icon adjacent to “People”.

Job -Empty - Add people icon

This will bring you to the currently empty People section, where you will be able to either add a CSV containing your people data, or add an entry manually. In order to upload a CSV, click on the “Upload .csv file” button.

Upload CSV

You can then select the CSV from your computer - or you can simply drag and drop it into the Data page.

Upload CSV

You will then see your new people data auto-mapped to matching columns.

Newly uploaded people data

If a column was mapped incorrectly, it can be easily changed using the drop down header at the top of each column.

Newly uploaded people data

Once you are satisfied with how your data has been mapped, simply click on the blue “Map” button to complete your upload.

People - Click map button

Congratulations! Your people data has been officially added to your job. Now, it is time to use the PhotoDay Capture mobile app to capture your reference photos, which will automatically sync with your people data in the gallery.

Capture Modal

In addition, you will also see that each individual person in your people data has been assigned a unique access code. This is the code your customers will use to find the exact photos for which they are looking for.

People Data - Access Codes

Once you are satisfied with how your people data looks, click the done button in the top right corner to return to your gallery. You can always access this master list of people again by clicking on the circular plus sign icon in the People column on the left side of your gallery.