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XII. Adding Photos to a Gallery

Your job has been completely set up. If you created a private gallery, your people data has been uploaded. You’ve gone and had a successful picture day. The next step is simple - uploading your photos to your gallery.

To upload photos to PhotoDay, each photo needs to be under 15 megabytes in size, and be in .JPG/.JPEG format. File names are also limited to 31 characters in length before the file extension. If a photo does not meet these requirements, it will be skipped during upload. Additionally, if a photo contains a special character (such as < > : ” \ / ? | * ~), these characters will be stripped from the filename, but the photo will still be uploaded to your gallery.

To do so, navigate to your currently empty gallery. Front and center, you will be presented with an option to either upload individual photos, or import a folder of photos.

Job - Empty gallery

Click on either option that is relevant to you, which will allow you to then select which photos or folders you wish to upload. 

Job - import images

Alternatively, you can drag and drop photos and folders right onto the upload screen, which will then begin the upload process.

The upload status will show in a window in the lower left hand corner. You can continue to do other things in your Studio Panel while your photos upload in the background.

Upload progress window

If for some reason your upload gets interrupted by something, perhaps a broken internet connection, PhotoDay will save the upload progress until that point.

If you are uploading photos to a private gallery that has been previously set up with people data and reference photos, you will notice that they will automatically get sorted into to correct individual sub-galleries via PhotoDay’s facial recognition technology. However, there might be a few fringe cases that PhotoDay cannot automatically match a photo. Those that are not matched will appear under the Unmatched category at the top of your People list on the left side of your gallery.


To sort and match these photos manually, click on the photo or photos you wish to match, and then click the Match icon that appears in top right of your gallery.

Unmatched - Match button

This will bring up the "Match with..." window, where you will be able to select the reference photo that matches with professional shot you chose to pair. Select a reference photo and press the blue Match button.

Unmatched - Match Modal

Sometimes PhotoDay will recognize a face in a photo that does not belong to anyone in your people data. You can choose to ignore this face by selecting it, and then pressing the orange Ignore Face button.

Match - ignore faceMatch - ignore face modal

Additionally, you can bypass the 'Match with..." menu completely by simply dragging and dropping a photo (or photos) onto the name of the person on the left side of your gallery.

Unmatched - people sidebar

Please note that you can only drag and drop photos from the Unmatched section to people - you will be unable to drag photos from one person to another. If you accidentally drag a photo to the wrong person, you can unmatch it, and then drag it from the Unmatched section once again.