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VII. Creating Offers

Everyone likes a good deal, right? They’re a great way to motivate your customers to purchase more, and purchase now! This is why we’ve included a way for you to create these incentives within PhotoDay in the form of the Offers section. While creating offers is entirely optional, it’s a great way to help you close more sales. From your Store section, click on the Offers icon to begin creating your first offer.

Store - Dashboard

You’ll now see two options presented to you - creating a Discount offer, or creating a Free Shipping offer. Discounts are great when you want to offer a percentage or fixed dollar amount off of a purchase, and Free Shipping offers, you guessed it, remove the shipping cost from the order total. We’re going to create one of each, so let’s begin by creating a Discount.

Store - Discounts

After clicking on the Discount icon, you’ll be brought to your Discounts page, where you will see a list of discount offers you have created. It might be completely empty if you’ve never been here before, so let’s go ahead and change that by creating a discount. Click on the “Create a Discount” button.

Store - Discounts - Empty List

This will bring up a small window where you will be able to define and customize your new discount offer. Here, you’ll need to give your offer a name for your reference, and assign it a unique offer code. Try and make it something memorable for your customers, as they’ll be tasked with entering it during checkout to apply the discount to their order!

Also in this window, you’ll need to define whether you want your discount to be a fixed dollar amount subtracted from the subtotal, or a percentage of the order subtotal. You’ll need to enter either a dollar amount, or a percentage amount in the field to the right, depending on which option you choose.

Store - Discounts - Modal

Once you have that information completed, hit the “Next” button to be brought to the second part of the discount set up process.

Store - Discounts - Modal step 2

Here, you can further refine the offer by putting a minimum order amount, an expiration date, or maximum redemptions. Minimum order amounts can be used to encourage customers to add more items to their order, expiration dates create that sense of urgency to order as soon as possible, and maximum redemptions incentivizes your early bird customers.

You also have the option to add free shipping to your discount offer, via this toggle switch here.

Store - Discounts - Modal step 2 - free shipping

Once you have your discount offer set up to your liking, click the “Create Offer” button, and it will be added to your list of available discounts.

Store - Discounts - List complete

If you wish to create a separate free shipping offer that stands on its own, navigate back to your Offers page, and click on the Free Shipping icon.

Store - Discounts

Once you’re at the Free Shipping discount list, click on the “Create a Free Shipping Offer” button.

Store - Free Shipping

This will bring up a new window where you can specify the parameters of this offer. As with discount offers, you will need to give this free shipping offer a name and an offer code. You can also optionally indicate a minimum order subtotal amount for the order to apply, an expiration date, and a maximum number of redemptions.

Store - Free Shipping - modal

Once you have the free shipping offer to your liking, click on the “Create Offer” button, and it will be added to your list of free shipping offers!

That’s all there is to offers! They’re a great way to light a fire under your customers and get them ordering. Keep in mind though, while multiple offer codes can be applied to a gallery, a customer can only apply ONE code to their purchase.