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V. Creating Your Price Sheets

You've got your account created. You've got your studio information completed. Now, it’s time to begin creating price sheets, which function to add products, packages, and pricing to the storefront. To get there, you’ll need to navigate to the Store section of the Studio Panel.

Store - Dashboard

Once there, you’ll see a few items from which you can select. We’ll take a look at the first two for now: Payment Settings and Price Sheets.

Payment Settings will bring studios back to your Payments section under the My Studio Panel. It acts as a quick shortcut in case you need to modify your Stripe account without having to navigate through your Settings. Let’s now move on to creating a Price Sheet.

Store - Pricesheet List

Upon first visiting the Price Sheets section, you will be greeted with a list of your existing price sheets, which at this stage, should be completely empty! If you would like to go ahead and begin building your first price sheet, go ahead and click on the “Add Price Sheet” button at the top right of your screen.

This brings up the Add a New Price Sheet window, where you will see several empty information fields that you need to first fill.

Store - Add Pricesheet

Start by giving your price sheet a name - it doesn’t have to be anything catchy, just something for internal reference that’s easily recognizable for you! To the right of the name field, you’ll be able to select which lab with which you would like this price sheet associated. If there’s only one lab attached to the account, this field will not be able to be modified.

Next, you’ll need to choose what type of markup you would like placed on this price sheet.

Markups act as an easy starting point for pricing your items - that is, determining your profit on top of the base lab cost of the items you are about to add. A studio can either choose to determine the markup by a percentage of the lab cost, or a fixed dollar amount on top of the lab cost. This is just a convenient starting point - you can always change prices on individual products and packages.

Store - New Pricesheet Modal Example

After all fields have been completed, click the Save Price Sheet button, which will automatically bring you to where you can now add items and create packages.

Store - Pricesheet Page

To add items to your new price sheet, you will click on the “Add Products” button at the top of the dashboard.

This will bring up the Add Products window.

Store - Add Products

Here, you can begin choosing which a la carte items you would like to add to your new price sheet. Lab items are typically subdivided into a few categories - these are the same categories that will appear to your customer. Select the item category by selecting from this dropdown menu within the window to choose products.

Store - Pricesheet - Cat dropdown

Items can be added to price sheets by selecting them from the item list on the left, and then clicking on the Add Product(s) button. You can highlight more than one and move them over in bulk if you’d like.

Once you are satisfied with your item selection, you can go ahead and click the Save button.

Store - Pricesheet - Modal - Added products

You will now see each a la carte item you have added to your price sheet, along with its base lab cost, your markup, and its final cost. The final cost of individual items can be further modified from here if you are not satisfied with your default markup as well.

Store - Pricesheet - Items added

So, you have now created your first price sheet, loaded with a la carte items you’d like to sell to your customers! However, something’s missing - packages. Packages are a great way to provide a deal to customers by providing them an incentive to purchase multiple items. How do you create a package? First, you’ll navigate to the Packages section on the left side of your screen.

Store - Packages list

On the currently empty packages list, you will select “Add Package”, which will bring up a new window.

Store - Packages - Add

Here, you will be required to give your package a name. This name will be visible to customers, so you want to make it descriptive, yet catchy! You will also need to fill in a short description, which will also be visible to the customer - be sure to highlight the percentage savings off the individual prices of the products included in the package to create a powerful incentive. 

Store - Packages - Add - Filled Out

Once those fields are filled out, you’ll click the ‘Next’ button, which will then allow you to add items to your package just as you did for your a la carte section. Below the item addition columns, there will be boxes denoting the lab cost of the total items in a package, the total markup of the items placed in the package, as well as the total calculated price of the package.

Just like with a la carte items, the final package price can be modified to anything you wish!

Store - Packages - Price

Once a package is constructed and priced accordingly, click the Save button to add that package to your price sheet. Once a price sheet is attached to a job (we’ll show you how to do that in just a bit), the a la carte items and packages will be reflected on the customer-facing view of the storefront.

Customer - Storefront

Customers will be able to choose from different categories of a la carte items that have been added to a price sheet, as well as be able to select packages.

So, you now have a price sheet you like, loaded with items and packages you feel your customers will love. What’s next? It’s time to create some incentives with AdvancePay.