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III. Setting Up Your Studio

Once you click on the Verify My Account button, you will be directed right to your PhotoDay Studio Panel Home screen.

Empty dashboard

Before you can get to selling your photos, you’re going to need to set up a few key items related to your business. Navigate to the Settings tab in the top right of your Home screen, and click on “My Studio” from the dropdown menu.

Empty dahboard - dropdown

You’ll first see your Studio Information section displayed, along with a few different links to the left.

Studio Information

During sign-up, you’ll have already filled out most of this information. However, it’s always good to double check and see if everything’s accurate! You’ll also be able to update your studio information here in case anything changes, like your contact information, or address!

Once you have verified your Studio Information page for accuracy, you’ll now navigate to the left panel and begin going down the list.

First up is the Labs section. Here is where you can see which labs your account has currently added. Right now, it should be just the one you chose at signup, but you can always add more of our partner labs with a click of a button.

Studio Information Labs

There’s no limit to how many labs an account can have, so you can add all of them if you wish! We’ll get more into how labs are associated with price sheets later.

The payment section is where you can view the status of your Stripe connection, our helpful payment gateway that handles all transactions within PhotoDay! You’ll need to set up your Stripe account so you can get paid on PhotoDay. Here’s how...

Studio Information - Payment